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Covid Policy

Programmer Force
Covid Policy

Programmers Force values the health of its employees at any cost. In the recent second wave of
Covid-19, the Programmers Force has already implemented all the necessary SOPs and
encourages employees to work from home if required.

Being responsible citizens, employees at Programmers Force are also strictly following
government-issued cautions.

Here is a list of things strictly implemented by Programmers Force:

  • Flexible Work Hours to maintain 8 feet distance between each member.
  • Only hygienic packed food is served to each member on his/her workspace.
  • The entire support staff is equipped with PPE.
  • Frequent sanitization/disinfection of premises is encouraged.
  • Random checking of the temperature of employees to ensure a safe environment.
  • Facemasks & sanitizers are provided at every member’s desk.
  • Food and tea/ coffee are served in disposal environment-friendly utensils.

Every PF member must adhere to the following SOPs:

  • Every member shall sanitize before entering/leaving any room/building.
  • Every member must wear a mask and disposable gloves.
  • Meetings in the office shall be done while maintaining social distancing.
  • If an employee is not feeling well, he/she shall work from home.
  • Every PF member shall sanitize before eating, drinking, and using any door, etc.
  • Employees shall not use/repeat clothes for the second day.
  • 14 feet distance to be maintained at late working hours.
  • Each member shall be bound to comply with SOPs issued by the Government of Pakistan.
  • PF Administration reserves the right to send any team member home or bar entry if the
    employee has a temperature or any other symptom of Covid.
  • PF Covid coordinator can take actions against the employee not following the SOPs.
  • PF Covid coordinator shall be reached out for any assistance.

For further information, please reach out at [email protected].